Podcast Peep Show – Smart Medical Sales Podcast with Saul Marquez

Since his first podcast, I was hooked on Saul Marquez’s interview style and the quick 30-minute format.  This week I was a guest on Saul’s Smart Medical Sales podcast where we talked about the keys to a successful, lucrative and rewarding Healthcare Sales career.

One of my go-to questions when meeting someone I’m trying to emulate is “what podcasts do you listen to?”  Here’s a peep into one of my favorite Healthcare Sales podcasts.  If you are a Medical Device Professional, you must subscribe to this podcast.

Smart Medical Podcast Interview Links

Podcast Interview Description

The Smart Medical Sales podcast is designed to provide listeners with the tips, tricks, and secrets to breaking into medical device sales. The medical device sales industry is a small niche of sales where you can make a very handsome living. By tuning into the show, you will be able to listen to helpful advice from Saul Marquez, a medical device sales professional who broke into medical device sales from the outside. The show will have theme based episodes as well as interviews so you can get on the fast track into medical device sales! Tune in to take your career and life to the next level!


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One thought on “Podcast Peep Show – Smart Medical Sales Podcast with Saul Marquez

  1. John,
    Thanks for the post. My listeners have reached out and they loved your actionable advice. It was truly fun to have you on the show. Keep putting this content out there… you’re making a difference.