How Puppy Smiles Can Change The World

My morning routine is pretty simple. Mental prep, workout, shower and get to work as fast as possible.

Talking to people at the gym only prolongs my workout and delays the start of the workday.

Some people call me anti-social. Others use stronger words.

As I’ve traveled and worked out at gyms across the country, I’ve noticed most early risers have a similar approach.

✓ Keep your head down.

✓ Avoid eye contact.

✓ Ear buds always in.

✓ On the off chance you catch eyes—give a halfhearted grin and mouth “hi”.

It’s universal early morning gym etiquette.

Not today…

From the minute I set foot in the gym this morning, something was different. People were living in the moment.  They weren’t rushing to start their day.

I saw the 300# power lifter giggling like a schoolgirl.

The professional bodybuilder took a break from admiring herself in the mirror to rack her weights.

The CrossFitters weren’t posting to Instagram.

Everyone was laughing and happy and talking.  Talking to each other.

What’s going on?

A quick glance at one of the 72 televisions hanging from the wall brought me to a dead stop.  Rather than showing the depressing morning news or Sports Center on repeat, someone tuned all the televisions in the gym to the Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl.

Puppy Power

I couldn’t help but stop what I was doing to watch the adorable fluff balls wrestle with each other.  It was freaking adorable!

What fascinated me was the overall mood of the gym remained upbeat long after the Puppy Bowl ended.

The puppies were the catalyst causing everyone to light up with smiles.   The smiles caused a chain reaction transforming the gym from a quiet dungeon to a lively weightlifting social hour.

The next time you’re having a rough day, remember the power a smile can have on others as well as yourself. 😃

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