Thank You Thursday

Here are few things that I’ve found valuable this month and thought you may appreciate them too.

  • eLearning course I just finished:  You know that person who walks into a crowded room and others are instantly pulled toward them?  I’m not talking about the super-model or professional athlete effect, I mean the average Joe that magnetizes people with their presence.  The science behind this phenomenon is all about your body language.  It’s not a God given talent and can be learned.  I just completed the Body Language Tactics micro-learning course and have begun implementing the tactics in my sales pitches, negotiations and even the interactions with my kids.   The pre-launch course will only be available for purchase (you can take as long as you like to complete it) until tomorrow, Friday 4/6/17 at 11:59PM.  The course paid for itself  (a whopping $18) before I finished my first sales pitch!

  • Purchase I’m loving:  I was recently awarded a citation for “using my cell phone while driving”.  Despite my best effort to explain (not lie) that I was just using the GPS, the officer advised me to buy a phone holder.  I’ve used cell phone holders that clumsily clipped onto the vent and required 3 hands to secure the phone.  So, I was cautiously optimistic when I found this cell phone holder on amazon.  It uses a business card thin magnet affixed to the back of your phone to hold the phone to a discrete receiver end mounted to your car vent.  No more awards for me!
  • Something that made me LOL:  This sales video made me so happy.  “You have soft hands” – hahahahaha, idiot!

If you find my blog valuable, it would mean a lot to me if you shared it with you counterparts, colleagues and customers.  Thanks!

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